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Medical and Health Services

  • Include bloodwork, X-rays and lab services.
  • Include On-Demand Doctor. Get Doctor consults within 10 minutes
  • Prescriptions Rx
  • Medical Records
  • Travel, Domestic and Abroad
  • Ad Walk-in and Clinic Finder/Compare

Income and Cash Protection

  • Mortage and Cash Protection

    Affordable plans to pay off your bills and mortgage in the event of death or make the mortgage payments in case of a critical illness or disability. At the end of the term, if still alive, receive all your money back.
  • Bill Payment Protection

    Pay your bills such as auto loans, grocery, electric, private school, medical bills in the case of accident or illness forcing you off the job.



What is the Cost?

  • We offer a no obligation a free initial consultation

    for estimate and subject to your accuracy and enrollment date

You Benefit with Added Value when enrolling with AgentShannon

  • General health and medical questions.

  • Have question about health at your job?

  • Medical and Health issues cuasing headaches?

  • Unsure of your exposure and costs?



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  • Tame the wild, wild medical billing jungle with cost and savings control.
  • Stop the six-weeks-to-see-a-Doctor madness! Over 70% of office visits can be free ~ 2,300 Doctors Serve Our Members.
  • Your Underwriter/carrier is your partner in health. Team up with underwriters that fit your needs.
  • Lab work and diagnostic services are accessable. We believe second opinions are a necessity. Find your service to fit your need.
  • If you need a walk in clinic or emergency care you have locations - literally - in the plam of your hand. You have choices.

AgentShannon Quote

I witnessed over and over again that people I placed on insurance needed help with the insurance itself. How can clients overcome illness, injury AND managing their insurance at the same time? I could not continue until I could help them so I was forced to offer my clients desperately needed services for the kalidascope of medical care. My clients will know what to expect with averages for out of pocket medical costs, understanding premiums, rates and medical billing. They will be able to easily confirm if 'things are right' at time of service, and feel financially protected during their most vulnerable hours. My clients will have a safe place to turn and someone kind who cares a great deal about successful results.

—  AgentShannon: Shannon Spalding

AgentShannon says:

Your healthcare will provide you a path while AgentShannon offers the tools to simply follow it. It's hope, grace and easy of mind.

Rates & Prices Q2 2015 - out of pocket expectation

  • Colonoscopy
    $250 - $450
  • Gastroscopy
    $235 - $500
  • Allergy testing
    $0 - $120
  • CT scan
    $150 - $375

What to Expect with Bills

Questions about an exemption application?

  • Contact the Marketplace, not the IRS.
    TTY: 1-855-889-4325
    Representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Closed Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.