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About Us

SurePlans helps the thousands of underpaid, under employed and marginalized workforce who are not served in group and company benefits plans to safely find, secure, enroll, and utilize comprehensive ~ yet affordable ~ employee benefits and working insurance solutions.

We match and manage Qualified, non-group insurance benefits programs on a one on one, case by case basis. Sure Plans’ enrollees are never lost in a national group, or some faceless unreachable third-party HR department and our clients appreciate our fast responses and transparent solutions that save them thousands of work hours; such as who to call when the kids need braces covered or your spouse’s xray was out of network, or a life-threatening event means you can't work - Sure Plans has you covered

Our Mission

We serve hard-working Americans who feel they can't afford group plans, qualified benefits or can't get the help they need; those people paying too much for low quality or simply too few benefits and find they are paying too many out-of-pocket charges.

We are driven to perform and excel in an otherwise cold and old industry and we find ouselves creating more and more exceptional value for the client. It is not rocket science to provide financial and health building services and we are excited to lead the way in service and quality long needed in insurance, and happily providing our customers with superior solutions by exceeding expectations.