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Full Benefits Programs

Our most popular plans are feature-rich, complete solutions for Comprehensive Coverage for less than ONE THIRD the price of typical employer sponsored plans – giving our members everything a working person needs and wants for protection and good health including critical long-term provisions such as responsive administration, personal ownership and fast control.

Full Benefits Programs provide additional credits and funding for hard working Americans making them the go-to-choice over group plans. These well rounded Programs are comprehensive coverage to protect families and single parent households, pre-retirees and students. Both popular and affordable, Full Programs include top Qualified low deductible major medical healthcare, reserve term life insurance or savings plans with living benefits and flexible accounts, and the largest national dental and vision insurance networks (there are no discount-type plans here!). Expect low deductibles, unlimited doctor and specialists coverage, copays for many services like prescriptions, urgent care, ER and hospitalization with low total-out-of-pocket maximums with increased coverage for disability, chronic needs and life threatening events.