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Management Benefits Programs

Our strongest programs are more affordable than expected and features a robust suite of coverages for people making business decisions for a company or contractor. Are you a business owner, partner or tenured staff? Management Benefits Programs are tailored to Your Special Circumstances and Responsibilies, and Your Best Guarantee of Safety if the Business Suffers Loss or Harm.

These programs are structured specifically for executive and top level owners and contractors who carry the most responsibilities. Packed with top carriers and featuring a broad, flexible benefits suite these value-added Programs are fully administered by experienced, responsive staff. Management Benefits Programs feature everything in the Full Benefits Program with added protection for savings plans, key-man, equipment and asset coverage and can include extended services for new or existing IRA, SEP, 401 and ROTH with your choice of tax-exempt guaranteed savings or retirement accounts and a Golden Parachute (your guarantee if business goes South). With its rich, well rounded and broad set of services and coverage Management Benefits Programs are surprisingly affordable and structured for the long term. Check Your Program Rate, You May Be Surprised at the Funding Applied to Business Executives – this is our moost broadly popular program with Contractors and Owners!

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