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Basic Programs

The most affordable plan. Applicants proving economic need will qualify for these lowest cost feature rich programs.

Full Programs

Our most popular plan runs less than ONE THIRD the price of an employer sponsored plan – Big Coverage, little price.

Management Programs

Our strongest program is more affordable than expected and features a full suite of services to assure complete coverage and performance.

Special Programs

Executive, Key-Man, Special Medical Need, Medicare, College Planning, Advanced Programs, Special Circumstance, Non-Qualified Programs.

Welcome to Sure Plans

Sure Plans helps thousands of hard working Americans everyday. We are the champion and protector of the underpaid, under-serviced and marginalized workforce who are not served in group or company benefits plans.    

Sure Plans are Your Plans!

Somewhere in between politics, the law, the taxes and the insurance companies, is you. Perhaps you can't afford your group plan, or there is not one available at your work or business. Or maybe you have not read the 900 plus pages in the Affordable Care Act? Or the tax code that governs WHO and HOW coverage gets to be AFFORDABLE - only 75 thousand pages to read; have you studied?
Fear not: you are not alone anymore in the fight for your benefits. Sure Plans vetted systems are empowering Americans nationwide to afford much needed benefits for the same or less than you used to pay for partial coverage. Let us get you a real quote and real coverage now!