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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Qualified Benefits Program?

For the low cost; for the tax advantages; for the broad benefits; for the flexibility, and especially for someone to call when you need help. And aren't you the smart one! Your Sure Plan benefits are convertible, transferable and flexible.

Is this the same as my Employer Qualified Benefits?

Kinda - with Qualified coverage some advantages are payment assistance and tax benefits, and insurers are forced to cover certain exposures financially - but that is where similarities end. YOU are the owner of your Sure Plan Program, YOU get the services and YOU get the tax advantages. We always hear people telling us our programs cost less than group work benefits.  That makes sense, as most county, regional, local, state and federal funding sources combined have more money to apply toward your benefits than employers do.  

What is the difference between an Agent and a Broker?

An Agent works for the insurance companies, a Broker works for you.

What are Qualified Insurance Benefits? Are all Qualified Insurance Benefits the same?

Qualified benefits force carriers to provide services and coverage through tax code and consumer protection laws that non-qualified benefits are not required to provide. While benefits should be similar, systems are not ~ Sure Plans makes sure both insurers and governement stay in their lane.


How long does the intake process take?

About 15 minutes.  Really it is up to you, we answer questions fully for accuracy and your comfort.

When will I recieve my cards and policies?

In about seven (7) to ten (10) business days by mail, faster by digital email for many carriers.  Sure Plans sets all your online portals up for you through your secure email and is always available though call, email, text and chat.


Is this part of ObamaCare?

No. We hear this because our plans include Qualified Healthcare component which are only available through each State Marketplace.  The Marketplace sometimes gets confused with "Obamacare," as Obamacare refers to Free Coverage, Free Benefits, Medicaid and other no-cost coverage. Sure Plans funding requirements are strict - even Bronze Marketplace plans with only 60% coverage falls outside of Sure Plans funding scopes so no Bronze plans here. Our clients are always working as part of our requrements show, our customers are not welfare eligible.

What Do I Need for Enrollment?

Program enrollment is fast and easy, only takes about 15 minutes or less depending on you. There are no surprises at enrollment time due to our system of transparancy and the documents we send you before you accept. You can expect to provide standard data such as IDs and social security for all insured, current insurance card/(s/) if applicable, general medical should include your current doctors and important prescriptions, and qualification of work address and title, billing address, banking information. Further custom data depends on what qualified funding and credits you accept - for example if you accepted funding for ownership or lease of an EV, or if you have full time students you should be able to give some proof if reqested.


How can you get such low rates?

Sure Plans applies more funding and credits from deeper pockets than most businesses can access for qualified plans. Additionally our Programs have proper planning, preparation, ongoing maintenance and third party documentation and proofs that employers are unable to provide. Sure Plans programs are vetted in 48 states providing legal, tax advantaged, portable long term coverage.  Sure Plans are Your Plans.

Are you the Marketplace?

No! We are professional benefits experts - Marketplace staff are STRICTLY prohibited from giving consumers help, advice, recommendations, documents, directions or referrals to consumers - they can lose their jobs! (just like IRS is prohibited).  So definitely we are not the Marketplace!

Can I just get health insurance?

Sure! You may want to compare Sure Plans Qualified Full Program prices with companies offering ONLY healthcare. Here at Sure Plans ALL Managed Benefits Programs are designed with multiple components that when funded together are the same price or less than most single health plans. Our most affordable plan has minimum health and life with annual services.